Recárgate informs users of its website about its Personal Data Protection Policy (hereinafter PPDP), in accordance with Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter LOPD), with the purpose of which they decide freely and voluntarily if they want to provide the personal data requested on their website.

Recárgate reserves the right to modify its PPDP according to its criteria, due to a legislative change, case law or in business practice. If you make any changes, the new text will be published in this same link, where the user will be able to know the current PPDP. In any case, the relationship with the users will be governed by the rules envisaged at the precise moment in which the link is accessed.

Recárgate of nationality spanish, is the owner of the database generated with the personal data provided by the users in the different forms of the Web, and fulfills the duty of registration of the personal files in the Data Protection Agency, as well as the other obligations imposed by current regulations.

The purpose of these files is to give a more detailed and personalized information about the company, products or any doubts or information that is requested, to manage the purchase process and services. No data will be given to third parties, not understanding as cession, the treatment that collaborating companies render to Recárgate according to the described in Art. 12 of the LOPD.

The person responsible for the file agrees to comply with the obligation of secrecy established in the applicable legislation, with respect to the personal data contained in the automated files. Likewise, the user is informed of his ability to exercise at any time the right of access, rectification, cancellation and, where appropriate, opposition in accordance with what is established in the LOPD, and other regulations applicable to the effect through ( or by sending a letter to the File Manager, domiciled at Madrid.

If you have any information, suggestions or queries to make on any subject related to the security of the electronic commerce systems and / or the Policy of Protection of Personal Data, we would be grateful to send an email to the above address and in " Subject "type" Query Suggestion ".

If the reason for the contact with Recárgate was a complaint or complaint related to any breach of your privacy or a claim for security breaches in your e-commerce systems, you may send an e-mail indicating in the "Subject" field the Word "Claim" to the email account indicated above. Recárgate agrees to give a solution to your complaint or complaint within 15 days, notifying you by the means you indicate. In case you do not agree with this solution, it will be the Data Protection Agency and, where appropriate, the Courts and Tribunals that have the competence to resolve any dispute. LEY 34/2002, DE 11 DE JULIO, DE SERVICIOS DE LA SOCIEDAD DE LA INFORMACIÓN Y DEL COMERCIO ELECTRÓNICO.

IDENTIFYING DATA: In compliance with the duty of information contained in article 10 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, it is reported that the company that owns this website is Recárgate. Domiciled at Madrid, email and CIF B86157419.


All industrial and intellectual property rights on this website, as well as the elements contained therein, such as images, software, texts, trademarks, logos, design, etc., are legally reserved and access to the same or its use by its users, should not be considered, in any way, as the granting of any license to use or right over any assets owned or owned by Recárgate. The texts, images and other content that may be included in this website are the exclusive property of Recárgate.

Any act of transmission, distribution, transfer, reproduction, storage or public communication in whole or in part, in any medium and by any technical means, must have the previous express consent and, in writing of Recárgate.

The user of this website agrees to respect the rights of Intellectual Property and Industrial ownership of Recárgate. Copy and store them on your computer or other medium as long as it is solely and exclusively for your personal and private use, refraining from deleting, altering, manipulating or circumventing any protection or security device that is installed in Our Web.


Recárgate will be able to use cookies to personalize, facilitating the navigation of the user in its Web page. Cookies are only associated with anonymous users, and a specific computer, and do not provide references that allow you to personalize data of the same, being able to configure your browser to notify and reject the installation of the same, without this damaging the possibility of the user of Access to the different areas of the Web, except the private zone.


The website may have links and / or hyperlinks to other websites that may be of interest to its users. Recárgate does not exercise any type of control over these sites or their contents, so it does not assume any responsibility on them, not guaranteeing; Technical availability, quality, accuracy, truthfulness, compliance with privacy policies, etc. So that the user accesses the content of the mentioned sites under the conditions of use that govern them, under their sole responsibility.

Hyperlinks on other web pages to this site may not be established, unless Recárgate authorizes it. If there were hyperlinks to other websites to our pages, the existence of relations between Recárgate and the owner of the webpage where it is established, or the acceptance and approval by Recárgate of Its contents or services.


By the simple access to the Web or to any of the services integrated in it, the user undertakes to use them in a diligent and correct manner, assuming the present conditions and according to the law, morality and public order. Specifically, the user assumes the following obligations: Do not use the contents and / or information contained in this Web to send advertising, send messages for sale or any other commercial purpose or to collect, store or treat personal data.

Refrain from deleting the identifying signs of intellectual property rights, industrial or any other, of Recárgate or a third party that appear on the Web and in each of the services offered through it. Refrain from circumventing or manipulating any technical device established for the protection of your rights by Recárgate or by third parties, on the Web, in the services contained therein or in any of the elements, materials or information obtained therein. Not to use or apply technical, logical or technological resources to benefit, directly or indirectly, with or without profit, from the unauthorized exploitation of the services or contents of the Web.

Do not introduce, store or broadcast through the website or any of the services contained therein, any computer program, virus, code, and, in general, do not carry out actions that, in any way, could damage, to disable, overload or deteriorate the Web, equipment, systems, networks, programs, data or information of Recárgate or its suppliers, users or, in general, any third party, or prevent the normal use or enjoyment of the Web or Of related services.

Respond to the damages and damages that may be suffered by Recárgate and its workers, customers, suppliers, users or third parties in general, because of breach of these general conditions or of the particular conditions that would apply to the services integrated in the Web, being obliged to leave Recárgate and its workers, clients and suppliers harmless from any claim, demand or penalty that could be formulated or imposed as a direct or indirect consequence of said breach.

In case of registration, the user is obliged to provide truthfully the data provided and to keep them updated. Not to use, transfer, distribute or dispose of the information included in the service in a manner that unfairly competes with Recárgate. Recárgate reserves the right to make any modifications you deem appropriate on your website without prior notice.

Recárgate reserves the right to deny or withdraw the possibility of access to its website to the user who does not comply with the conditions of use of the same, indicated in this Legal Notice, exercising, as appropriate, civil and criminal actions that correspond to him. Recárgate is not liable, in any case, for damages and losses of any kind that could be caused by errors and / or omissions in the contents, availability, virus transmissions, malicious programs, etc. That could be produced, despite having adopted the measures of all kinds that we considered necessary and appropriate to avoid this type of circumstances.

In the event of controversy or claims, the same shall be sought beforehand between the parties. In the event of failure to reach agreement, the parties agree to submit to the spanish Courts and Tribunals.

Pocket Wifi terms of use:

FIRST: The service offered consists of the lease of a connected POCKET WIFI and other accessories to the CLIENT , on behalf of RECARGATE Sim card MAdrid airport.

• The use of the products is limited to the contracted service and restricted by the European Economic Union.

• Service with “peer to peer” traffic is not allowed. The CLIENT accepts to pay for damages occurred by downloading large archives across “peer to peer” networks.

SECOND: Following the contracting and payment of service, Gohl Roystone Ink S.L will deliver a POCKET WIFI on the date and place established in the contract, with its respective SIM card, charger and case, as well as an Instruction Manual. The described materials will only be intended for the specific use determined in the Lease contract between the CLIENT and Company.

THIRD: The CLIENT will pay a Deposit of 80 Euros in guarantee, which will be returned as soon as the POCKET WIFI is handed in on the date established in this contract.

FOURTH: The CLIENT will be responsible for the safe keeping of the leased POCKET WIFI and accessories for the duration of this contract. In case they are lost, stolen or destroyed, you could be charged the following amounts for damages:

Device: 80 Euros

Charger, cable or both: 7 Euros

Case: 8 Euros

• Returning the Device

• The CLIENT agrees to return the POCKET WIFI and accessories in excellent condition on date, time, and place and the Company agrees to return the Deposit made in guarantee, as long as the device and accessories are in excellent condition.

• The CLIENT agrees to return the device on time or pay a 5 Euro penalty per day.

FIFTH: The amount of data available and used by the Client will be calculated through the Operator who provides the service to Gohl Roystone Ink. In the case of a discrepancy between the data calculated by the Client by whatever means, and the device in question, the data calculated by the Operating Company will prevail above any other.

SIXTH: Both parties agree to comply with all requirements established in the Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data: Organic Law 15/1999, December 13.

SEVENTH: In case of any inconvenience in the 4G wifi reception, or problems of connection or unforeseen logistics of service which interfere with 4G reception on the date and place agreed upon, the maximum amount to be returned to the Client by Gohl Roystone Ink, will never be superior to the original subscription price paid by the Client.

Gohl Roystone Ink SL declares that it has adopted the necessary technical and organisational measures with respect to data privacy in Article 9 of the Organic Law and will only have access to the necessary data to abide by the Contract, as established in Article 12 of the same law.